Figure out how to access your HIGHEST SELF!

The solution that you have been looking for to help you get CLEAR on what you want to do with your life, FIGURE out what is your PURPOSE and MAKE a plan to bring it to fruition in 10 WEEKS!


do YOU relate to?

  • Feeling unsatisfied and unmotivated with where you are in life and wanting to make change?
  • Being inspired but so confused with all the talk out there about following your passion, but not knowing what your passion is?
  • Having a deep desire to make a positive impact on this planet but being confused about how to make that happen and WHERE to start?
  • Having made small steps in the direction of doing what you love, but it just continues to not work out and you don’t know why?
  • Knowing that you are special, you have something to offer this world and desiring guidance to actually make that happen?
Yes! That's so me!
My divine friends, past me could relate too! She wanted all of those things and more! 

I went from being LOST & CONFUSED about my path at the 21 to being an Olympian, Author, Speaker and Coach 5 years later that NOW helps women access the potential inside of them by breaking through the limiters that are holding them back, figuring out what it is they love and how to get there so that we can all live a life of fulfilment on purpose.

And that is why I have created THE CLARITY CODE to help YOU get there too.

Because we all deserve to live a life of deep fulfilment <3

  • Understand the science behind vibration, energy and manifestation to rewire & realign your life for success
  • Bring awareness to and break through the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Identify what it is you LOVE and are gifted at through our unique method
  • Create the PERSONALISED strategic plan for accessing and using your gifts to the fullest potential

You will be guided through the 10 weeks with video trainings, visualisations, and your own customisable Clarity Code document to help you get CLEAR on the DIRECTION of your life!

You will be connected to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you will be walking this journey with a beautiful group of women in the SAME spot as you from all of the world. 

You will have consistent direct support from myself and my team throughout the 10 weeks on the Facebook group having the freedom to ask questions or get any further assistance. As well as WEEKLY LIVE Question & Answer Coaching sessions where I will be helping you through anything you need help on the journey. 

If you put in the effort my beautiful friends, by the END of this course you KNOW what you are HERE TO DO and HAVE a PERSONALISED PLAN to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The Clarity Code is for you if...

  • Your in a 9-5 position or JOB that you don’t like and are wanting to pivot to something that makes you excited about life again
  • You’re at a turning point and want to RE-DIRECT your life because you realised you’ve been on a path that doesn’t feel good and serve your soul
  • You've started the path to your passion but you can't figure out WHY it hasn't worked out yet
  • You enjoy your career yet desire a deeper level of fulfilment and happiness in your life
  • You are craving a supportive community of women to collectively achieve your goals with

Why learn from me?

  • I was in the SAME place as you 5 years ago and wished someone had this course for me then - THAT’S WHY I CREATED THIS
  • From the multitude of failed paths and ventures, to the success of being an Elite Athlete, Olympian, Author & Motivational Speaker - I’ve LIVED it and want to teach you how to as well
  • My years of experience working with the world’s best in sport showed me how “success” comes from 80% INTERNAL WORK and 20% EXTERNAL WORK - sport showed me how to MASTER my MIND & create strategy to bring it into fruition
  • Not only do I TEACH, SPEAK & SHARE these practice’s with you but I also EMBODY consistently working on myself through elite mentors, personal & spiritual development courses and retreats
  • I am FULLY invested in my development to continue to uplevel your development as I travel the world with my partner to live our dreams will we learn from the best of the best and share our learnings with all of our clients so that we can ALL live with CLARITY & FULFILMENT

Weekly Breakdown:

  1. Week 1: Intro + Understanding Energy to Realign your Life
  2. Week 2: Clear on Limiting Self Beliefs: Figure out what’s been holding you back
  3. Week 3: Love: Identify your Life’s Purpose through your GPS (Gifts, Passions, Symbols)
  4. Week 4:                    Integration Week to Catch Up
  5. Week 5: Adversity: Navigate and find the Beauty in Adversities on the Journey
  6. Week 6: Required Action: Make the 1 Year Plan to bring your Dream to Fruition
  7. Week 7:                     Integration Week to Catch Up
  8. Week 8: Improvement: Create your Personalised Formula to Accelerate you to Success
  9. Week 9: Thankfulness: Let go of what is not serving you
  10. Week 10: You: Realise that YOU are LIVING the Dream by going for it + Wrap Up



to get CLEAR on what you want to do with your life and create a PLAN to make it happen!


ENROLL before February 15th & Receive a FREE 45 minute CLARITY COACHING CALL with DK herself during the 10 week program!